Senin, 23 April 2012

History of Master of Puppets band

Master of Puppets (MOP) is a band formed by Aris as a Guitarist, Cito as a vocalist and bassist, and Dedy as a drummer with Punk as their genre. The band was formed on August 17th 2011. Formerly, the name of the band was Face2Face but it was changed since there is a band has used that name first. The name Master of Puppets was chosen because it sounds simple but unique and also meaningful. Master of Puppets is a person who tells about life by using puppets as his/her media. It is just the same with us. We tell about life but we use songs as our media.

As the time goes on, the three members of MOP feel bored playing genre Punk and they want to try something new. As a result, they try to play Post-hardcore. Yet, a problem appeared. Cito faced trouble on singing and playing bass at the same time. Moreover this genre requires screaming and growling vocal. Finally, they choose Cahyadi as their vocalist and MOP's new genre is called Progressive Screamo Hardcore. Besides, MOP also plays some other genres such as SKA, Reggae, and Acoustic. With the new name, members, and genre, MOP hopes to be able to be the next rising star of Hardcore band. Cheers!!

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