Senin, 23 April 2012

First Gig of Master of Puppets

As Master of Puppets has complete members, though there's no rhythm guitarist, we begun to seek for music event in which we can perform. God answers our wish so we don't need to wait for too long. Finally there was a Band Parade held to celebrate AIDS day on December, 1st 2011. Hearing that good news, soon we registered Master of Puppets. Actually, the committees were looking for 25 bands for the parade but there were only 22 which registered to join the show and MOP got the 20th turn to perform.

We were practicing hard to make MOP's first performance really amazing. The committees only allowed each band to play two songs in ten minutes. At that time, we covered Killing Me Inside's song entitled The Tormented and Killed by Butterfly's song entitled life. But, a problem appeared since Cahyadi could not take the clean vocal, scream vocal, and growl vocal alone. To solve this problem, an additional vocalist was used and we were ready enough to rock the stage!!

The first song that we played was Killed by Butterfly - Life and it successfully got applause from the audiences though we didn't play it well. The next song was Killing Me Inside - The Tormented and there was a little accident where the stage lamps were off and the vocal microphones were also off. There were only guitar, bass, and drum played this song till end without vocal. Finally, we knew that we ran out of time where we supposed to play in 10 minutes. But it doesn't a great matter coz we got the audience applause again. And MOP's first gig can be said as successful enough. Cheers!!

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